Concerned about the discomfort of surgery? Wyoming Veterinary Clinic knows how you feel – we have pets, too. When you schedule a procedure for your pet, you know that the procedure needs to be done. But if you’re like most of us who have pets, you’re concerned about the associated pain and discomfort. We are proud to offer Laser Surgery and Cold Laser Therapy for our patients. Complimentary Cold Laser Therapy  is included for most post-op patients when warranted.

What is Laser Surgery?
 Almost all of the surgical procedures for pets can now be performed with a laser! The same tool that is used in human surgery will now be used for your pet’s surgery. Traditional surgery with a scalpel or scissors can bruise or crush tissue. When we use the laser, only an intense beam of laser light touches your pet, which minimizes the pain, swelling and bleeding often associated with surgery.

How does Laser Surgery work?
The laser has the unique ability to vaporize or ‘erase’ tissue. The laser can be used to make incisions, as well as to erase unhealthy tissue. The laser is so precise that we can selectively remove only a few cells at a time, while it also kills any bacteria in its path.

What are the advantages to Laser Surgery? Now your pet can benefit from the same properties of a laser that human patients have experienced for over twenty years: less pain, swelling and discomfort after surgery and the ability to resume normal activities sooner. Wyoming Veterinary Clinic has made this substantial investment in order to offer you the best possible healthcare for your furry family member.

We have always prioritized pain management for surgical patients, and now this advanced technology makes that even easier! The following are some of the reasons why laser surgery can be better for your pet:

  • Seals nerve endings! Lasers cut tissue with a beam of light, which seals the nerve endings so there is very little pain when they wake up
  • Seals blood vessels! Lasers seal blood vessels as they cut so there is usually no need for bandaging after surgery
  • Seals lymphatic vessels! Lasers seal the lymph vessels in the skin, which greatly decreases swelling after surgery
  • A “no touch” delivery system! Lasers cut without touching tissue, which greatly eliminates much of the trauma associated with standard surgical technique
  • More precise! Lasers allow the surgeon to be able to perform surgery with more precision, removing as few as one or two cell layers at a time. Because of the above advantages, the use of CO2 Laser for surgery will speed up the recovery of your pet. We want your pet to be as comfortable as possible, and to recover as quickly as possible. You and your pet are important to us, and we will do everything we can to achieve these goals.
  • LASER SURGERY – Less Discomfort ** Faster Recovery ** Better for your pet
  • Some of the Surgical Procedures we offer:
    • Spay
    • Castration
    • Declaw
    • Orthopedic Surgery
    • Bone pinning
    • Fractures
    • Cystotomy
    • Splenectomy
    • Gastrotomy
    • Enterotomy
    • Thyroidectomy
    • Soft Tissue Surgery
    • All surgical patients are subject to constant Surgical Monitoring – EKG, SpO2, Respiratory, and more