91Wyoming Veterinary Clinic has air conditioned kennels, an outdoor fenced-in play area, and pets are taken out every 2 hours by our caring and dedicated staff. Pets are checked for fleas immediately on check-in and will be treated if they show positive signs of fleas (charges apply). All “Campers” must be current on vaccinations, (Dogs: DHPP, Bordetella, Rabies – Cats: DRCC, Rabies) and we require a negative fecal within the last year.

Pets vacationing with Wyoming Veterinary Clinic are fed a high quality Hill’s prescription maintenance diet. You may bring their own food for those sensitive to dietary changes or with allergies.

For pets who are on oral or topical medication, there is a minimal dosing fee based on number of times medicated. Please bring any medication your pet is currently taking along with written directions on their medication schedule. For diabetic patients, there is an additional  diabetic monitoring fee – please bring their insulin and syringes.

We would appreciate a 24 hour notice to change or cancel a reservation during non-prime time **.

Two (2) week notice** required to change or cancel reservations during prime time. Without required notice, full charges will apply for all days you reserved that we are not able to fill.

 ** 2 week notice required during Spring Break, Summer, Labor Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s holiday seasons.

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