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Molly – This was my first dog since I was a kid and guess where she came from. Of course, it was Dr. G. At first, it was a little rough but as you can see she turned out wonderful. Thought I would share – the memories. There was someone else waiting on her but she was saved for me by Dr. G. Molly is no longer with me And I GOT HER!!! They just don’t live long enough.

She had many problems when she showed up at the clinic. Then Dr. G. said one-time because I kept bringing in more rescues – “are you out in the neighbor looking for more”

I can hear him laughing now….Molly was certainly not spoiled by any means – do you think?

Now I have 3 more that I’m bringing there besides the numerous cats that I brought to him. I have all their ashes plus the previous 3 girls (dogs) that I had. I never thought he (Dr. G). would leave.

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